Tips for​ Choosing the Right Wedding Shoes 1

Beautiful looks in general and wedding looks, in particular, require a special consideration and care since every detail and every nuance is important for the complete and absolutely stunning looks. Wedding shoes are no less important than any of the details composing your looks, so you really should think twice before stopping your choice on a particular model. So we are going to help you a little bit with that, introducing the top comprehensive guide for choosing wedding shoes taking all the details and the additional elements into account and having the chance to create maximum effective and memorable looks for that special day.

What You Need To Take Into Account When Choosing Bridal Shoes

So starting with the basic details that you should take into account we can point out the following factors that you should really consider when picking a specific design of bridal shoes!

The Length of the Bridal Dress

So the primary factor that actually matters for your choice is the length of the bridal dress (check out: Chic Wedding Nail Art Ideas ). According to the ideal model, you should pick the wedding shoes and only after that pass to the dress since the latter can be modified according to the shoes. Still, if you happen to do everything in the reverse order you should at least be sure that you will feel comfortable with those shoes, including being secure that the shoes won’t get clung on anything and won’t create dissonance with the style and the colour of the dress.

For short and sleeveless wedding dresses you may pick some sandal-type shoes or light open designs. As for weightless and sky-touching models of wedding dresses, we may recommend open shoes with medium heels and some ribbon-like straps around the ankle. While the ballerina shoes will look just perfectly with the ballet type dresses. One more thing about the wedding shoes that you should remember is that you need to pick a pair, which will counterbalance the dress, for instance being more reserved and cooler for extravagant and chic dresses.

The Bright Tones

Before opting for shoes with bright tones like classic red you should know that this choice is for the boldest ladies. And the level of boldness even reaches the level of picking brightly coloured dresses! So, in this case, your shoes should either complement your looks or delicately counterbalance them, possibly coming with decorative details like beads and adorned with shades of ivory, red, or navy blue.

Traditionally you either need to find exactly the same shade of the shoes as your dress is or two tones darker. Thus, when opting for a green wedding dress you may pick yellow, golden, or beige heels. In that case, you should also have a matching accessory on just like a hat, or a bracelet, a bolero, a handbag, or just the wedding bouquet!

The most important thing is not to overdose with the choice of the colourful wedding shoes, especially if the accents of the design fall on the decorations of the dress including embroidery, rhinestones, frills, pearls, beads, and big florals. Minimalistic alternatives can also be considered here.

Pumps with colourful prints and very nice decorations can do the job. Still, if your dress is minimalistic and not eye-catching, you may pick the widest range of gorgeous and experimental alternatives for your shoes in any case preserving the harmony of mind and soul. Sometimes many playful and creative brides even match the shade of the socks of their future husbands with the thematic concentration of their heels and the day. The groom may also limit with simply picking a matching tie.

Designs with Platforms and Heels

Killer heels, however cool and stylish they may seem, are not the best alternatives for your wedding looks. Comfort is the first and the most important thing that you should really have for that day since you are going to spend at least some 12 hours on your shoes the entire day! So you might need moving, walking around, etc. and you really wouldn’t like to have that feeling of being exhausted and tired to death even stronger when the day is over.

Opting for elongated stiletto shoes may not be such a good idea either, since this design may make your feet visually bigger. As for the length, if your future hubby is not much taller than you, then you may choose some average height in order not to become taller than him! The narrowing types of the heels are probably the comfiest alternatives that you may pick. Such heels are not too tall as a rule and they are extremely comfy.

Flats for the Best Looks

No matter how hard you may try you won’t find any written rules about the compulsory necessity of the bride to wear heels on her wedding! So if you want to enjoy the day to the full, why don’t you just pick a pair of adorable and exclusively delicately designed flats? It’s true of course, that the heels are irreplaceable for slimming the figure and making you taller, but if you are feeling discomfort on heels and if you are to choose between heels and comfort, the latter is more important we assume.

Changing Bridal Shoes

Still, if you don’t want to leave your heels at home and don’t want to feel ill at ease either, you can use a clever trick simply taking the pair of the comfy heels with you to change your gorgeous high heels whenever you need them!

Be Bolder!

It’s your day so you need to enjoy it to the full! So don’t think of others’ opinions and choose whatever you would personally like to have! This also includes extravagant alternatives like those wedding shoes adorned with pearls, crystals and even such crazy options as studded boots!

White or Ivory Shades

If you are on the side of classics, then the white or ivory options are just what you need. Especially if you want to match the tone of your shoes with that of your dress then you should be really careful with finding the exact shade, which might be visible from beneath the layers of the dress. Watching the tones under sunlight to be sure about the tone plays is also a good idea.

Walk on Your Shoes Before the Wedding

This is also very important since your wedding day should not be the first day you wear your shoes. You should be prepared for that and you should really get used to your wedding shoes to be able to have “trained” legs and feet. In addition, when buying the shoes you need to try them out several times, doing via several ways. You may try them outstanding, sitting, walking around making sure that your fingers are not stifled or pressed and also making sure that the shoes are comfortable in general.

One more thing about buying wedding shoes is that you should pick options made of natural leather to give your feet a chance to breathe throughout the entire day. The best time for going shopping is the second half of the day when your feet naturally swell a little bit. Trying the shoes on with your tights on is also a sing of good manners.

What to Do with the Bridal Shoes after Wedding?

If you have bought the dress and have decided to keep it a family relic, then you have three possible scenarios you may choose in between for your wedding shoes. You may keep them with the dress, give them away, or change the shade and combine them with other pieces for casual or special combinations.

Take the Season Into Account

This is another thing that you should really be cautious about. So you may pick some open toe options if it’s warm outdoors, but definitely not for the rainy months, for which the classic pumps will be quite okay.

How to Choose Bridal Shoes


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