The Ultimate Engagement Ring Guide

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Are you more “It Girl” like Chrissy Teigen or more of “The Hopeless Romantic” like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?

That is the question (well, one of many questions you probably have when it comes to engagement rings). So when celeb jeweller Nicole Wegman of Ring Concierge (notorious on IG for her feed of expertly-curated fistfuls of gems, and also followed by stars like Kacey Musgraves) said she’d give us her guide we jumped at the opportunity.

Engagement ring shopping really isn’t what it used to be (on top of the endless options, now you have the whole hand to consider), so in lieu of that, Nicole’s here to introduce you to your perfect cut—depending on your celeb style personality—then walk you through everything you need to know about decking out the rest of your hand like an A-list.

It really is the ultimate engagement ring guide.

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Ring Concierge

1. Old Mine Cut in an Antique-Style Setting

“This ring is inspired by my personal engagement ring and is by far our most requested design. Antique stones have tons of charm and their large flashes of light give them a very romantic feel. What also draws people to this design are the proportions of the large centre stone to the super-thin band,” said Nicole.

How to Style It: “In order to prevent antique rings from feeling “grandma,” style them with fashion-forward jewellery in a mix of gold colours. My go-to wedding band stack is a plain 1.5mm wide rose gold band (for contrast) and a diamond pave eternity band (for added sparkle). I love mixing rose and platinum for a softer feminine look, which complements this antique ring design perfectly.”

Celeb Style Matches: Bella Hadid, Alicia Vikander and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


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ESC: Enagagement Ring Styles, Ring Concierge
Ring Concierge

2. Emerald Cut with Trapezoid Side Stones

“Emeralds are step cuts (as opposed to most other diamond shapes which are brilliant cut) making them glassier and more geometric in appearance,” she explained. “Because of this, women are drawn to them for their cleaner, more modern look and understated sparkle.”

How to Style It: “Jewellery with clean lines and a modern feel style best with this ring. We especially love simple yellow gold jewellery worn with an emerald. However, this ring design also looks great stacked with an emerald cut eternity band!”

Celeb Style Matches: Amal Clooney and Emma Watson


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ESC: Enagagement Ring Styles, Ring Concierge
Ring Concierge

3. Pear Shape in a Rose Gold and Pavé Setting

“Pears are making a major comeback,” noted the jewellery expert. “They’re sought-after by the glam girl who wants something super sparkly and elongated, but more unique than an oval. And what better than setting it in rose gold for that feminine flair? Because they’re so elongated, pears appear larger than other shapes of the same carat weight, making them perfect for the girl who lives by “more is more.” Additionally, because they’re elongated, pears give the illusion of more slender looking fingers.”

How to Style It: “Style this ring shape with rose gold pavé covered pieces for tons of sparkle. Everything is super thin and delicate, to complement the femininity of the engagement ring design.”

Celeb Style Matches: Rihanna and Vanessa Hudgens


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ESC: Enagagement Ring Styles, Ring Concierge
Ring Concierge

4. Radiant Cut Eternity Band

“It’s become a really popular trend for women to opt for a diamond eternity band instead of a more traditional engagement ring. This is the perfect ring for those who are always on the go and active (since it’s more durable and comfortable than a solitaire ring). This is a ring I’d recommend for girls who want to make a statement, but don’t like to wear a lot of jewellery. The radiant cut of diamonds in this particular band offer an incredible amount of sparkle and are a lot more unique than the classic round cut shape.”

How to Style It: “Eternity bands look great alone, stacked with different style rings or even with two or three larger eternity bands—they look amazing stacked on the same finger! I style this ring with a high-polished yellow gold jewellery, accented with diamonds for a sporty yet trendy look.”

Celeb Style Matches: Kendall Jenner and Ciara


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ESC: Enagagement Ring Styles, Ring Concierge
Ring Concierge

5. Elongated Cushion with a Platinum Band

“Cushions are pillowy and soft, but have a tons of sparkle,” said Nicole. “Perfect for those who want something more unique than a round, but don’t want to lose the brilliance! They’re available in a variety of proportions, from more square to very elongated, making it a great shape for the women who want to customise everything about their ring!”

How to Style It: “This ring is best stacked. The simple platinum band is so thin you can easily wear up to three bands on the same finger. Also, because the setting is so neutral, absolutely any style of jewellery looks great with it. In this particular case (the below photo), I styled it with our Starry Night and Shooting Star rings, since constellation rings are one of the biggest trends this year.”

Celeb Style Matches: Chrissy Teigen, Hailey Baldwin and Kim Kardashian


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Elie Saab Bridal Spring 2018 Collection

The Elie Saab bridal spring 2018 collection is an ethereal dream. According to the designer, it was inspired by a garden with plants in full bloom but still managed to be soft, charming and striking. The designs featured the opulence we would expect from Elie Saab, who chose to present his third bridal collection in Elizabeth Taylor’s former midtown Manhattan townhouse.

Elie Saab Bridal Spring 2018 Collection

The collection featured 13 pieces that vary clearly in reference to the inspiration Elie Saab mentioned for his third bridal collection. Femininity is not a concept that has escaped Elie Saab, his designs, though dripping in splendour at all times, are not unflattering or bulky under the embellishments he includes. This is a brand that delivers glamour and in large shares at that.

Elie Saab Bridal Spring 2018 Collection


Starting at $7000 the pieces in this collection are actually designed to be more accessible. The body accentuating designs and always impressive detail work are set to make your walk a 306-degree experience as the embellishments are not focused solely on the front but extend naturally and beautifully around the back to wow the assembled audience of family and friends from all angles.

Elie Saab Bridal Spring 2018 Collection

Photos courtesy of Vogue



Tips for​ Choosing the Right Wedding Shoes 2

Now, after introducing the basics in our last post here, we would also like to have your attention for a couple of more details for being able to make really good and effective choices!

Don’t Forget to Take the Location Into Account

The where the ceremony is to take place is just as important for the choice of the heels. For instance, if you are planning to have the biggest part of the day on the beach, then classic heels with great possibility will sink into the sands right away, which is why you need some beach-ready bridal shoes, or else you can walk on the sand barefoot.

Pay Attention to Your Wedding Theme

Your wedding theme is the following detail that you might take into account. For instance, if the wedding theme you’ve used for the invitations and the overall design of the day is pink or red, then you may pick the details accordingly. The style is also important, for instance, when picking a vintage and romantic design of shoes for an appropriate dress not forgetting about the delicate details like lace patterns. The most important thing is not to go to extreme lengths with your matching experiments. For instance, if you have picked a dress that’s lavishly desecrated with lace patterns, then the bridal shoes should be of some other type.

Take Your Time

Start the preparations long before the wedding day to be able to choose everything in time and not to rush to quick picks at the very last moment. So be sure to leave the wide choice of design alternatives before the wedding to make correct decisions.

Pay Attention to Such Details as Slippery Floor!

This might seem unimportant but this is, in fact quite important since having a flawless walk on the aisle is something essential for the wedding. So in order to avoid failure, you need to make sure you won’t slip. And don’t forget about the plasters for the possible irritation of the feet.

Try to Match the Colour of Your Heels With the Colour of Your Dress

So, first of all, you need to find out whether you want the tone of the heels to contrast or complement the tone of your dress. This depends on the latter too. For instance, if your dress is off white or ivory shade you may match your shoes with the identical shades, but if the dress has some bolder tones, then you need to be sure about picking a complementary shade, which should also match the design and the shade of the dress and the accessories.

In the Long Run Pick Whatever Makes You Feel Confident

Confidence is really very important for a wedding and in order to feel confident you can even make some design alterations with the rest of the pieces just because a certain pair of shoes makes you feel confident and complex-free. So this again brings to the idea of picking the wedding shoes before buying the dress to get everything started from the right place. This is the quickest way to feel like the queen of the day and of course the queen of the party!

Find Your Inspiration

Inspiration is just as important for the creation of beautiful looks, so you should really look through some suggestions from the celebs or the fashion shows of popular designers to find some trendy and gorgeous ideas for your own looks, thus finding a source of inspiration. This is especially true and actual for the moments when you start getting into a panic just because you can’t figure out the type of shoe or pair of shoes you exactly need. So instead of worrying and panicking, you may find the answers from experts!

General Steps that Should Be Taken Into Account

So in order to sum up all the tips regarding buying the best wedding shoes for you, we can present the following accordance of steps that you should follow in order to create impressive and beautiful combinations with the help of your shoes and your dress and all the rest of the details. So the steps go as follows!

Figure out the Exact Material of the Shoes

The widest variety of shoes can be found in order to provide you with just as many options for wedding looks. For instance, you may choose raw silk, crepe, or satin bridal shoes. Still, you may also deviate from this rule sometimes going for some different materials, which may add a specific accent on the creativity of your looks.

Choose the Complementary Shade and Design

So this is the second step for which you just need to figure out the exact tones, which will complement the dress or just nicely counterbalance it, and saying this we mean the synthesis of the designs and the shades. You may even match your wedding shoes with some accessories be those silver or gold jewellery and possibly have the coolest looks ever.

Don’t Underestimate the Factor of Comfort

As you keep on finding gorgeous and stunning models for shoes you should really be quite cautious and attentive for the choice of the comfortable shoes. They may have the most diverse and interesting designs and shapes ever, but you really need to know and to feel that they are comfortable. If you ace walking on heels, then the gorgeous model is just ready. Still, you may also take your time and make your feet get used to that particular model of shoes walking on them days before the wedding.

Match the Occasion and the Theme of the Day

So what you need to do is to be really watchful and aware of the possible difficulties that you might encounter when picking a pair of killer heels. The latter may really be gorgeous, but at the same time, they will just exhaust you leaving without help at the end of the day.

Be Careful With the Whites

The tones of white can also have a tricky part since you have to match the white tones of your wedding shoes and dress just exactly unlike the rest of the shades, which allow us a comparable freedom of choice.

How to Choose Wedding Shoes

Choosing shoes for a wedding is one of the most exciting and responsible things that you have to go through and we do hope that this range of curious dos and don’ts will only help you to make quicker decisions and to come up with final ideas sooner. So find your inspiration, be careful with the details and learn how to harmonise everything with each other in order to create some perfect and really flawless looks for any place and style you may further have the ceremony in. The most important thing is to be careful about the proportions and the play pairs and to just throw your complexes away feeling that it’s thoroughly your day and you are to tell it where to flow to! So enjoy it to the full and don’t let anything spoil your mood!

A Look Back at Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Most Stylish Couple Moments Yet

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary today, and we couldn’t think of a better way to honour the power couple than to remember with pleasure their most stylish moments together.

Whether they’re sitting courtside at a basketball game, strolling the streets of Paris, vacationing on a yacht off the Mediterranean coast, or taking the stage together, we can count on both to always deliver fresh ensembles that stay true to their personal style. Beyoncé never strays too far from the glamour, even off-duty, and Jay can pull off a tux with as much ease (and charisma) as he can a pair of jeans and sneakers.

Without further ado, keep reading to witness Beyoncé and Jay Z’s most stylish moments to date.


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9 Reasons I Think Every Couple Should Go to Marriage Counseling Before Saying “I Do”


When I met Mr Amazing, or Mr A (a nickname I gave my husband after meeting him since he was the most amazing man I had met besides my dad), it took us only two dates before we decided we never wanted to be apart. We said “I love you” six weeks later, went on an epic trip to Asia, and fell in love with each other’s families, and after 11 months, we were engaged.

It’s our whirlwind romance that felt like a dream. But despite all of the perfect feelings, we decided early on into our courtship to talk about the tough topics and ask the hard questions. And because having a full, healthy, lifelong marriage is something both of us are very serious about, soon after getting engaged, Mr A and I decided to go to marriage counselling. We knew we wanted to make it a top priority to build a solid foundation for our future together before the big day and we also respected enlisting the help of a professional.

In a lot of ways, we spent more time planning our marriage than we did our wedding. Over the course of nine months, we made it our mission to prepare for our sacred union. This included writing and creating our family mission statement, sharing our goals and expectations, and going on a weekend engaged couples retreat through our church.

Here are our nine crucial topics we covered and why I think going to marriage counselling before the big day will save you from couples therapy later.

1. The Past Is the Past . . . or Is It?

One of the first exercises we did during our couples retreat was share our past, and I’m not talking about exes. We each had to complete a series of questions about our childhood and our upbringing and then discuss them together. This included how we were raised, how we were disciplined, our parents’ relationships, how arguments were resolved in our houses, and how we were shown love as a child. This was really interesting because we learned how one’s childhood and how they were brought up affects and shapes how we are as adults, including how we act in relationships and even how we parent. Even if you think you know how your significant other’s upbringing was, you learn so much from each other by exchanging stories.

2. Do You Know Each Other’s Love Language?

We took Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages Quiz a couple months into dating to learn how we express and receive love. I learned I like to hear Words of Affirmation while Mr A wants Quality Time and my undivided attention. Knowing each other’s love language allows you to understand how your significant other interprets love and how they accept love. For example, if your love language is Acts of Service, this means having someone clean the dishes might mean more to you than receiving a gift.

3. Money Talks

Having a neutral space where you can discuss money, credit scores, and spending is key to keeping an open line of communication about your financial future. How much money did either of us feel comfortable spending without letting the other know? How would we divide household expenses and bills? For my husband and I, we decided to create a family account while still keeping each of our individual accounts worked best for us. I found myself really enjoying the time we spent creating our budget, including prioritising spending to reach our goal of buying a home.

4. Rules of the Household

If everyone knows his or her job, there’s less of a chance that you will argue over spilt milk. I’ve spent hours listening to friends complain about their husbands who never put their dishes in the dishwasher, etc. What that has taught me is how important it is that everyone knows their role in the home. For example, Mr A usually is on dinner duty during the week because he gets home before me, but on the weekends I usually try to cook for us.

5. Future Parenting

By the time Mr A and I were engaged, we had already discussed when we wanted to start a family, but we weren’t exactly on the same page. He already had names for our future children while I thought we would wait a while. This is also the man who wanted to get married six months after getting engaged while I thought we’d wait a year, so I should have known! After we discussed becoming parents with our marriage counsellor, we learned that we were more on the same page than we thought and reached a compromise.

6. Fighting Fair

I hate fighting; people screaming at each other stresses me out. I’m the kind of person that wants to apologise and make up immediately. Mr A, on the other hand, needs space and time. We’ve both adapted to each other’s needs, but this was only after hearing each other’s point of view. Writing letters to one another explaining how we felt during and after a fight and reading them to each other after things cooled off helped, too. Keep in mind you could meet with the counselor days or weeks after the fight so you’re no longer upset, but it helps you resolve the problem, figure out how to handle future conflict, and move on.

7. Family (the In-Laws) Boundaries

Both of us are extremely close to our families, but as our relationship grows and as we start our own new family, it’s important to keep the relationship we have together separate from our immediate families. This is especially crucial when it comes to running our household or how we will parent one day. When you’re close to your family, it’s easy to share things with them and include them in decision making. However, discussing family boundaries is important for maintaining your own privacy while keeping an open line of communication.

8.Social Life

We have my friends, his friends, and our friends. When you add family and work social obligations, it leaves little time for “us.” Figuring out how to prioritize time for each other takes work and it also means having to say “no” to others sometimes. However, a healthy balance is when Mr. A gets his boys nights and I have my girl time. A solution we came up with to make time for our friends without sacrificing time with one another is to spend time with our friends when the other is busy. Plus, we are lucky to have a ton of mutual couple friends so we love to double date. Most importantly, we rarely make plans without checking in with each other.

9. Goals (Mission Statement)

One of my favorite activities we did during a session was write down our goals. We each made a list of our personal, professional, and couple goals. One of my favorite quotes is “Love is not gazing at each other but looking outward together in the same direction.” This activity serves as a map for where you want your relationship to go and the compromises (promises) you must make to get there. While your goals list can and should change quarterly or annually, your family mission statement should be the core philosophy of your lives.

At the beginning of this post, I said that I think marriage counselling before marriage saves you from couples therapy later. This doesn’t mean you should stop working on your relationship once you are one. In fact, I think it should continue! I believe you should absolutely continue to work on your marriage beyond your big day — whether it be with a marriage counsellor, one-on-one, or going on retreats. Having monthly, quarterly, or yearly check-ins with your significant other is healthy and a positive way to protect your relationship. I look forward to continuing to learn more about my husband, growing and changing together, and improving myself as a wife, friend, partner, and soon, mother of his children.

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11 Chic Wedding Nail Art Ideas

If you normally wear nail art, then you should make it part of your wedding day. Forget about being “classic” or worrying about being “too trendy.” Your big day is a time let your personality shine, and if that means a pretty nail design, then we empower you to go for it! But wearing nail art to even the chicest black-tie affairs can be elegant and understated. Modern manicure looks range from subtle sparkles that fade to geometric details and gorgeous shattered glass effects. See some pictures below and let us know what you think.